With Christ as our heart and God’s love as our fire,
we learn, we love, we care for all people.

Christ United Church is pleased to offer our labyrinth for anyone who wishes to use it. Located in the front of our building, it is surrounded by varying plant growth and several stone benches, a very peaceful place. It is available 24-7 and all are welcome.

Flowering plants in all seasons.

Lots of greenery.

A great place for worship!!

What is a Labyrinth? The Labyrinth is a path to the center of the soul. While the path is the same for all who walk it, we carry a variety of religious and cultural traditions, so our experiences are highly personal and individual.

As a tool for meditation, an experience for prayer, a trigger for growth, an opportunity for new questions; the labyrinth should be approached with reverence and respect for the journey toward the center. If you have never experienced a labyrinth, here is a link to a helpful brochure.

Our labyrinth - open 24/7.

Sunshine on the labyrinth.

Follow a path to peace.

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